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Esteban Messuti

Esteban Messuti is a seasoned procurement professional, having worked in Pharma, FMCG, Telecommunications and Automotive Industries for both Direct and Indirect Sourcing organizations.

A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Esteban was raised in an Argentinean family with Italian roots. His family exemplified the values of entrepreneurship and persistence that define his career to this day.

From his great-grandparents to his own parents, Esteban comes from a line of relatives who have sought out better lives and pursued opportunities in new places. He credits this upbringing as a key factor in his career — and his belief in the importance of constantly reinventing himself.

Esteban has built his career on pillars of cross-functional leadership and global proficiency, all while not being afraid to try different things and enter new industries.

Esteban Messuti currently works for Sanofi as VP Procurement, Global Marketing and Sales. In this role, Esteban is focused on building the global mission of the Marketing and Sales Services Domain, working to create, enhance and implement categories’ strategies, while addressing stakeholders’ needs.

[Esteban] has subject matter depth across multiple categories of spend and has successfully deployed this in various roles in North and South America. I’d strongly recommend Esteban for any challenging and senior procurement role.”

A Former Colleague

Esteban Messuti’s broad background in Sourcing has allowed him to excel in a variety of professional positions for market-leading companies. Each step of his career has served as a crucial learning experience in end-to-end business development, marketing, global collaboration, technology, and more.

Esteban began his career at Delphi Automotive Systems. Here, he learned the “big three” manual of Global Sourcing and the dynamics of working in a global organization. After this experience he joined ThyssenKrupp as a Purchasing Group Leader. He gained holistic knowledge of supply chain and oligopoly dynamics. He eventually was tasked with overseeing all steel purchases, and how to extract the best of the deals under extreme circumstances. He also had a chance to lead a global initiative to develop alternative steel sources worldwide.

Esteban moved on from ThyssenKrupp in order to pursue a challenging but highly rewarding opportunity at Nokia Brazil: he was tasked with building a new Marketing Sourcing team for Latin America, expanding the entire Indirect Sourcing footprint. Within just a year Esteban and the hardworking team had made the organization a reality, and he continued to expand his scope to handle global assignments and take over wider regional purchasing activities. In 2011, he was also offered the opportunity to deploy sourcing support for the technology group in Sunnyvale, CA, which gave him additional experience in the US business and broader exposure to technology.

Following Nokia tenure, Esteban took a brief but intense and eye-opening career opportunity at a new, high-potential company that makes waves to this day: Tesla Motors. He was in charge for Indirects and Raw Materials group. In less than 6 months, he developed and implemented a new Aluminum supply strategy for Auto body (a record in terms of automotive industry). Esteban also developed the Indirects roadmap, aiming to move organization from a transactional to a sourcing role.

International Experience

Team Management

Strategic Leadership

Esteban Messuti began his tenure at Unilever in 2013, leading Indirect Procurement Organization for Americas’ region. For over five years he has driven needed changes in the area, performing a major turnaround.

Throughout his career Esteban has worked with multi-geography teams and has spearheaded a variety of global strategic projects. He has had the chance to expand his curiosity and explore several cultures and countries, allowing him to gain an open mind about different perspectives and a generalist background to reach better outcomes.

A common thread runs through Esteban’s diverse career history: he is able to create significant and consistent value to the bottom line of the companies he worked for, lead different groups of people with strong backgrounds, and when needed, drive what he calls “The Swam” effect: transforming underperforming units into top performers, instilling positive competitiveness towards the entire organization.

Esteban is a Mechanical Engineer (Maua-Brazil) with a Masters in International Trade (USP/ Brazil, Grenoble/ France). He resides in New Jersey with his wife and their two children. Esteban is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

On this blog, Esteban will share his insights into Sourcing, as well as his global perspective of business. Stay tuned!