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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pertains to a company’s initiatives on how the company itself takes responsibility for it impact on the environment and social well being of humans around the globe. Through CSR, companies are able to make a positive impact on causes, while also seeking to make the world a better place for the planet and it’s people.

1. Google

In today’s society, one of the biggest global impacts companies can make on the environment is through renewable energy. It’s no secret that Google has made huge initiatives to ensure that their company’s energy consumption is sustainable. Around the globe, Google is pursuing all of its data centers to run on 100% renewable energy. Additionally, this corporate mastermind stated that they expect this to happen by the end of 2017.

In addition to energy consumption, Google is a leading face in CSR in terms of water consumption, waste reduction, and carbon emissions. In 2015, Google refurbished 52% of components used for machine upgrades within the data centers. The company has set water consumption reduction goals which they also aim to achieve by the end of this year.

2. Apple

Apple takes corporate social responsibility seriously, and their initiatives prove that. In April of 2017, Apple released their Environmental Responsibility report for their fiscal year. With clearly set ambitions that are like-minded with many other companies around the globe, Apple is working towards a world full of solar energy. Through reducing climate change, renewable energy is a key component to efficiently thriving with conservation. Apple is clear about their notions to eliminate their carbon footprint. Of all the electricity that powers their global facilities, 96% of that comes directly from renewable sources.

Beyond renewable energy, Apple seeks to support local communities, provide education, supports human rights, and more. Apple is considered a strong leader in terms of corporate social responsibility.

3. Lego

Just last year in 2016, Forbes featured an article that explained how Lego rebuilt their image, launching their new purposeful and sustainable brand. When Lego Group first began, it was during the days where engineering and chemistry could create tiny, fun, plastic pieces for kids to play with– no questions asked. After Lego cut ties with their 50 year partnership with Shell, Lego then began their brand journey towards sustainability and strategic partnerships.

On the Lego website, they share their purposeful promise, initiatives to help in: innovation for children, environmental leadership, and a vow to be caring, ethical, and transparent. Through major efforts and creative partnerships, Lego is a prime example of how small steps can make a huge difference.

4. Method

Method, a company that sells home cleaning products, is using business as a way to solve social and environmental issues. This B corp must meet rigorous standards all while remaining transparent, which Method does extremely well.

For starters, Method’s process and animal friendly which means they don’t test on animals, use no animal by-products, and are registered through PETA as a cruelty-free company. Additionally, they’re a climate conscious company that seeks sustainable energy sources, and reducing waste. The “beyond the bottle” is Method’s way of remaining transparency with consumers about their company and it’s initiatives.