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If you’re on the beach walking down by the water, you can turn around and find your own footprints in the sand so long as the water hasn’t washed them away. As the supply chain industry evolves, it leaves behind its own footprints but instead of in the sand, the foot prints are marked all over the planet. Now, this carbon footprint isn’t in the actual shape of a foot, but showcases telltale signs that it’s time to be a more green planet.

“Going green” is a term that comes from true environmentalism. Living a “green” life revolves around conservation of energy and reducing pollution, while also saving money at the same time. In efforts to keep our planet from dying and becoming brown, as most plants do when they die, green living is a human lifestyle attempting to keep our planet thriving with life.

Beyond humans living a green lifestyle, industries around the world have the option to go green as well. While it takes hard work and effort to create a sustainable supply chain, it’s completely possible.

Transportation networks and warehouse design can make a big impact on the supply chain and how sustainable its methods are. Another major effort on the supply chain industry’s part is sourcing responsibly. Of course this requires strategic planning and management, but let’s talk about the benefits.

A greener supply chain benefits the environment through less carbon and pollution, responsibly sourced products, fair trade, and more. But what supply chain professionals need to understand is how beneficial a greener supply chain can be to their company. A more sustainable supply chain can reduce risks such as legal, financial, and reputations that have potential to destroy companies.

If a company is planning to implement more sustainable methods, a few to consider are:

  • Correcting problems to reduce waste
  • Measuring generated waste
  • Setting goals

Going green in the supply chain industry means that you now have an aligned mission to reduce waste and pollution, and build a better reputation of your company and its impact on the environment. In today’s fast paced world full of technology, going green is much easier than many think. Through reporting, strategic planning, measurements, analytics and more, you can ensure your company is thriving through a sustainable supply chain.

Overall, having a green supply chain can boost company reputation, lower company costs, and protect the planet all at the same efforts. Is your supply chain ready for a sustainable transition?