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When it comes to brokering a deal with an outside supplier for a product or service, the success of that deal often hinges on your own company’s procurement department. It’s their job to ensure the purchase isn’t too costly. This may mean ensuring you’re offering to pay at or below market value, but also that the return on investment will be worth the price of the purchase. In order to save the deal, you may have to negotiate with your own procurement people. Here are some tips to help:

Forge a Relationship

Your key to success begins before your first deal. Get to know the people in your procurement department. Get friendly with them and show an interest in their lives. If they feel an emotional connection, they’ll be much more likely to hear your argument for a purchasing deal.


Charm will only get you so far. Once you have their attention, you’ll need to dazzle them with your brilliance. Do your research and prepare a thorough argument with evidence to back up your claims. Give them a good reason to approve the acquisition.

Add Value to Your Argument

Even the best argument can fail, if it falls on deaf ears. This can happen, if all of your claims and evidence is solely based on why your company needs this deal. Remember, the personnel in procurement are focused on the bottom line, almost to the exclusion of everything else. Your best chance for success is in being able to show the financial gains that will result from this purchase.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

In all sales approaches, repetition is the key. You have to view your procurement contacts as customers in that you’re trying to sell them on the importance of approving the deal. Along those lines, repeatedly point out the value this deal represents. Talk about the value of the purchase, until you’re sick of hearing yourself say it. Then, talk about it some more.

These tips can help you be more successful in dealing with your company’s procurement department, which will make you more successful in you own job. Persistence is the key. Even if you fail on one occasion, try and try again. You won’t win every battle, but you might win most of them, if you’re determined.