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Procurement Tips for Making a Deal

When it comes to brokering a deal with an outside supplier for a product or service, the success of that deal often hinges on your own company’s procurement department. It’s their job to ensure the purchase isn’t too costly. This may mean ensuring...

Supply Chain and Increasing Sustainability

If you’re on the beach walking down by the water, you can turn around and find your own footprints in the sand so long as the water hasn’t washed them away. As the supply chain industry evolves, it leaves behind its own footprints but instead of in the sand, the foot...

Procurement 101: Going Back to the Basics

As a procurement professional, Esteban Messuti shares his expertise through this blog. Although he has already established a few pieces of content within the industry, today he’s taking you back to the basics. Before you dive into the world of procurement, its...

How Blockchain Technology Will Change Procurement

For the tech-savvy everyday internet users, blockchain technology is an exciting new concept. To those who may not be so keen to technology, blockchain technology could be a foreign concept. What some consider to be the newest backbone to the internet, blockchain...

Best Practices for Any Procurement Department

Souring takes knowledge and experience to build alliances and manage a procurement department properly. Here are the best practices that procurement departments should follow from procurement professional himself, Esteban Messuti.


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